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  Link   Jacky Claff
Self proclaimed "Claffolic", Jacky is another of my Melbourne standup comedy and improv buddies. And by buddy, I mean person I would like to see without clothes.
  Link   Janelle Koenig
Melbourne standup comic and improviser, and one of my first improv teachers back in the day (well, last year). She doesn't update her page much, but check it out at least once, if only for the top notch cleavage shots.
  Link   Halley Metcalfe
Melbourne standup comic. From reading Halley's "journal" (blog) you might think she was a morbidly obese goth with no sense of humour. Of course this is only a half truth, she's actually quite fit.
  Link   Evan Jones
Evan is allegedly a standup comic in Melbourne. His generation have not yet figured out the internet, and so at the moment all his page is is a stupid big photo of him. Still, click to enjoy!
  Link   Alison Bice myspace
The myspace of super sexy Melbourne standup comic Alison Bice who wants me bad. Too bad I'm totally gay. Ahahaha! Brilliant.
  Link   Tohm
The pathetic emo whinings of my good friend Tohm

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